Architects join together to protect Building Code Cycle (VIDEO)

The Washington State building code is under attack.

Fortunately, Washington architects testified yesterday to protect the health, safety, and welfare–as well as promote sustainable design:

  • Mike Fowler, AIA, AIA|WA Codes & Planning Policy Committee Chair
  • Bill Sloane, AIA, MSGS Architects
  • Janet Knoblach, AIA, Morton Safford James III AIA Architects

They spoke before the House Local Government Committee against ESB 5378, which seeks to weaken the State’s energy by switching from a gradual, standardized three-year cycle to a costlier six-year cycle. Such a change would also mean Washington design and construction professionals aren’t as valuable on a national scale, since national building and energy codes follow a three-year cycle. Lastly, smaller, more frequent updates to code better prepare architects for the 2030 Challenge.

That’s the power of architects working together for the greater good:

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