Testimony: Architects and Engineers Speak Out on “School Stock Plans”

Legislative Video or Testimony

Architects and engineers testified on Thursday, January 30, 2014 before the Washington State House Capital Budget Committee in opposition to HB 2132. Those testifying:

  • Stan Bowman (AIA/WA Executive Director)
  • Mike Slater, AIA (McGranahan Architects / AIA Washington Council President)
  • Rebecca Baibak, AIA (Integrus Architecture)
  • Ben Fields, AIA (McGranahan Architects)
  • Terry Tilton (Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters)
  • Cliff Webster (Architects & Engineers Legislative Council)

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Articulating the Opposition

Addressing the broad, overreaching nature of the bill, the de-facto creation of “stock school plans” through the well-intentioned goals of savings posed potentially disastrous results via costly retrofitting, increasing architect liability for plans on sites they never designed for, and stripping copyrights away from firms (generating conflict with Federal law).

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