2020 Civic Design Awards

The AIA Washington Council Civic Design Awards celebrate design excellence in publicly funded projects located in Washington State. These projects reflect the highest standards in sustainability, innovation, building performance and overall integration with the client and surrounding communities.

Meet our Jury

The 2020 Civic Design Awards Jury joins us from Vancouver, B.C.

Danica Djurkovic

As a President of the Architectural Institute of B.C., Danica elevated the institute and significantly contributed to the profession of architecture across the country and even around the world, as evidenced by the signing of the recent mutual recognition agreement with the European Union.

Outside of this very demanding leadership role, Danica is also a highly respected professional in her role as Director of Facilities Planning and Development for the City of Vancouver, where she has similarly gained considerable recognition for her work.

She lead the creation of the brand new Facilities Planning and Development division within the new Real Estate and Facilities Management department – a consolidated facilities planning and development group within the City of Vancouver. Danica provided vision and strategic leadership in managing, planning, and development of all city facilities (around 700 buildings and 12 million sf) by introducing new and innovative leading practice asset management approach based on the “service first” delivery model, where the assets management process is centered around service needs (recreation, housing, culture, social, fire, police, library, etc.) and not the assets themselves.

Dr. Adam Pantelimon

Architect UK and France, FRIBA, Intl. Assoc. AIA, OAR, MRAIC, MCIP, RPP, APPI, OUQ, ARB (UK), CNOA (France).  President, AIA Canada Society

A regulated member of seven professional organizations in five countries, Adam is a registered architect in United Kingdom, a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects, a Canadian registered professional planner, and an urban designer. A founding member, Adam is currently the President of the AIA Canada Society.

Currently, Adam is the Director, Capital Assets with the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Seniors and Housing, where he ensures quality and value of an estimated portfolio at more than $7 billion. Member and later Vice-Chair of the Edmonton Design Committee (2011-2016), he reviewed and provided advice on more than 300 development projects for investments larger than $4 billion. He conducted more than 60 architectural and land development projects in communities ranging in size from 750 to 4.5 million inhabitants.

Natalie Telewiak

Natalie Telewiak is a Principal at Michael Green Architecture (MGA), an award-winning, mid-sized architecture firm known worldwide for creating engaging, sustainable, and innovative projects.

With an education in both architecture and engineering, Natalie brings an approach rooted in material logic. Combined with an emphasis on cross team collaboration, Natalie is driven toward elegant solutions that marry structure, systems, manufacturing, and architecture. Career highlights include work on the Governor General Award-winning Ronald MacDonald House in Vancouver and a mass timber, multi-activity center in the City of Gallivare, Sweden.

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