You can change politics…

The AIA/WA Political Action Committee (APAC) contributes to political campaigns that support the best design practices in Washington. Whether you’re a public-works firm that seeks fair competition and a robust capital budget or a private/commercial firm that seeks a fair contract law or equal business environment, APAC has you covered.

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Message from the 2014 APAC Chair

Contributions raised for APAC remind state lawmakers and candidates about architects and how the built environment impacts our environment as well as our communities.

Dave Huotari, AIA 2014 AIA/Past President / APAC Chair

How We Support Your Firm

We support the campaigns of candidates who can improve the quality of architecture throughout the state.

AIA/WA members look at the candidate’s record and positions in the following areas:

Capital Projects

  • Does the candidate understand the importance of Quality-Based Selection in public works?
  • Do they support equal opportunity standards?
  • Will the state’s capital budget be seen as investment to drive private development or a hinderance?

Codes & Planning

  • Does the candidate support accessibility codes (like the ADA) or energy codes?
  • Do they support historic preservation?
  • Does the candidate understand shoreline or growth management?

Sustainable Design

  • Does the candidate understand the importance of LEED & the IGCC and its savings to clients and our environment?
  • Do they support innovations in green design such as rainwater capture, on-site gray water reclamation, etc.?
  • Does the candidate want schools that minimize environmental impact on students while saving their districts money?

Tax & Regulation

  • Does the candidate support architectural education?
  • Do they understand how taxes impact firms that pay a myriad of consultants?
  • Does the candidate support fair contracts and indemnification?

Recent Victories

2020 Legislative Session Update

Read the latest on the 2020 Legislative Session in Olympia.

Former AIA|WA Executive Director Jeffrey Hamlett Receives Jennie Sue Brown Award

The award is the highest honor granted by the Council, recognizing the lifetime achievements of a member who has advanced the profession through statewide advocacy.

2019 Civic Design Awards Winners Announced

Congratulations to this year's winners representing design excellence in publicly funded projects located in Washington.


Where Your Donation is Spent

Political campaigns are expensive to maintain and operate. We target political races where our limited funds matter: close races where our dollars make the difference or new candidates who need to learn the importance of the built environment. Here’s how that money is spent:

Candidate Campaigns


Goes directly to architect-supported campaigns, not the candidates. We don’t wine and dine; we advocate and educate.

Administrative Costs


Goes to administrative costs, such as postage, printing costs, bank fees, etc.

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