You can change politics…

AIA Washington Council is your advocate in state government, working for you on key issues impacting the architecture community.  The AIA Washington Council Political Action Committee (APAC) engages with lawmakers who will champion our advocacy priorities by supporting their campaigns and raising issues important to architects.  APAC enables architects to become the voice of the design and construction industry by positively impacting the relationship AIA|WA has with legislators.

But we can’t do it on our own.  Your advocacy is critical for the profession of architecture.  Your contribution to APAC will assure that we can have important conversations to advocate for Washington architects’ priorities.  APAC provides architects with a strong political voice by investing your donations in candidates who support our issues.

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Message About APAC

Contributions raised for APAC remind state lawmakers and candidates about architects and how the built environment impacts our environment as well as our communities.

Dave Huotari AIA, 2014 AIA Washington Council President

How We Support Architects + Firms

We support the campaigns of candidates who are working on issues key to architects and the practice of architecture. AIA|WA members look at the candidate’s record and positions in the following areas:

Practice Issues

  • Contracts
  • Project delivery
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Quality Based Selection
  • Condo liability
  • Architect licensing
  • Changes to the Architects Practice Act
  • General business issues


Support efforts to reduce carbon emissions, particularly around the built environment, including:

  • Carbon pricing policies
  • Energy efficient building incentives
  • Programs to fund energy retrofits
  • Electrification
  • Reducing the use of HFCs in refrigerants


  • B&O tax
  • Comprehensive tax reform

Capital Budget

Support robust capital budgets that fully funds projects and proposals to pilot sustainability and other programs on state projects.

Livability + Housing Affordability

  • Robust regional planning
  • Affordable housing
  • Urban density
  • Planning
  • Transportation
  • Growth Management Act


Building, energy, and other codes that impact architects’ work, including issues related to the State Building Code Council.

School Construction

  • K-12 school construction, including thresholds for local levies,
  • School construction assistance program,
  • OSPI funding formulas
  • Taxes related to funding public education
  • Stock school plans

Recent Victories

  • Introduced and passed C-PACER, a private financing mechanism that will help pay for deep energy and resiliency retrofits. (2019-20)
  • Protected architect licensure from efforts to require immediate licensure of new residents holding a license from another state. (2020)
  • Fended off legislative attacks to the state’s energy code, including the ability of the State Building Code Council to implement code changes. (2019-20)
  • Passed legislation to reduce legal risks in the design and construction of condominiums. (2019)
  • AIA|WA supported the State Building Code Council’s 2015 code amendments to allow taller buildings (up to 18 stories) to be made of wood. (2018-2019)
  • AIA|WA introduced and passed legislation to amend the Architect’s Practice Act based on recent NCARB changes. (2018-2019)
  • AIA|WA helped to pass legislation to provide ongoing funding and stability for the State Building Code Council. (2018)

Where Your Donation is Spent

Administrative Costs

All of your contribution goes directly to support candidate campaigns, administrative costs are covered by AIA Washington Council.