Our Purpose

Our aim is to create a coordinated response network that can immediately deploy of volunteer architects when disasters strike. Currently, volunteer architects are often precluded from participating in disaster response if they have not established a connection with the response network.

Volunteers will become familiar with local disaster response resources and gain local knowledge pertaining to the disaster.

Volunteers will be informed of ongoing opportunities for training. Advanced building assessment training saves valuable response time and establishes the architect as a leader in emergency response with their community.

Why Volunteer?

Nationwide, one minor disaster occurs in a week, and at least 10 major disasters occur a year. An architect, as an individual responder, is uniquely qualified to evaluate the safety of a site and structure.

Architects are natural problem-solvers and planners, ideally suited for the complex situations brought on by a disaster. In some emergencies, there is a deficit of responders from the jurisdiction. Volunteer architects can respond to calls from counties, cities, and public agencies.

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AIA Washington Council’s Disaster Response Committee operates through its volunteers. When disaster strikes a community, architects affected won’t be able to lend their expertise in assessing damage or coordinating relief efforts. That’s where committee members from outside the impact area step in.

Join the Disaster Response Committee and help prepare Washington for the next emergency.

Who Should Participate?

Volunteer architects and other design professionals, typically with training in ATC 20-21 Post-Earthquake Safety Evaluation of Buildings. AND/OR architects and other design professionals looking to get trained and participate!

The architecture license requires a commitment to the health, safety, and welfare of the community. Awareness of the risk makes us responsible to communicate the message and respond with our capabilities.

Committee Chairperson

Current Chair: Steve Dombrowski, Assoc. AIA
Past Committee Chair: Rachel Minnery, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Past Activities

Past Chair Rachel Minnery, AIA leads attendees through a day-long Safety Assessment Program Evaluator course.

Photo Credits

Banner: FEMA/Wendell Davis
All Others: AIA/WA Staff