AIA/WA architects posess a wide array of professional interests, whether the public policy affecting our environment, how the built environment impacts health and well-being, or even how architects are uniquely qualified to help in a crisis.

What are your interests?


There are a few ways in which AIA/WA Members can participate in local and state politics.


The AIA/WA Political Action committee is dedicated to supporting the campaigns of candidates who support architects and the built environment. >> Learn more

Policy Committees
AIA/WA members review selected legislation being circulated in Olympia. Each week during the winter and spring, members will receive a list of bills and brief descriptions, based on their interests. Alert us if something is beneficial (or harmful) to architects and their clients. If you’re the “LEED” on sustainable design in your firm, there’s a policy committee dedicated to that. Others policy groups includes Codes & Planning, Capital Budget, and Taxes & Regulation. >> Learn more

Chapter Leadership
AIA/WA political representatives serve for one-year terms. You can keep the state informed on local issues or how state policies affect your area. Contact your local chapter for details. >> Learn more

Architects for Health Panel

Architects both work on the design of healthcare facilities as well look-out for their community’s health. Through the Architects for Health Panel, you have the chance to learn more about advances in healthcare delivery and design, as well as earn continuing education credits.

Disaster Response

Where and when the next disaster strikes Washington and the Pacific Northwest, one thing is for certain: Architects will be invaluable in the recovery efforts and ensuring our buildings are safe for use. We facilitate team-building and safety throughout our work so, naturally, we want to band together and be ready for the future.