AIA Small Firm Exchange

AIA National seeks a board member to the National Small Firm Exchange (SFX) from Washington. SFX volunteers deliver small firm resources to state and local chapters and share our state’s small firm concerns with the national organization. Washington is one of just eight states that has a permanent seat on this committee. SFX volunteers are catalysts for change; this is an opportunity for you to make a positive impact on the architecture profession.

SFx Board Responsibilities

  • Participate in all monthly calls and the annual meeting.
  • Participate in Conference, KLA, Grassroots, etc. as required
  • Contribute at least 1 article a month to Flipboard and encourage your network to contribute to the Instagram.
  • Give SFx presentations/sessions at State/Regional Conferences, in collaboration with the local State Reps.
  • Send Quarterly Newsletter to State Reps & Unrep’d Chapters
  • Curate content that can be widely distributed
  • Create sessions that can be a part of AIA Conference

For more information, please contact: Matthew Clapper, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, 2021 AIA National SFx Chair


  • This position is a 3 year commitment, with an optional 1 year extension. 
  • Every month this position will require 8-12 hours of your time and participation in up to four 1-hour calls. 
  • This position offers the opportunity for you to travel to an in-person annual meeting for 2-3 days. (AIA covers cost of this trip) (Covid may impact this)


  • Board seats are limited (30), only a handful open up each year
  • 8 Permanent states are guaranteed a board seat (CA, WA, TX, IL, FL, PA, NY, MA)
  • No more than one person from the same state will be chosen
  • Preference will be given to those who have previously been SFx State Representatives

To apply, please answer the questions below and email your response to Matthew Clapper.


  • Have you read the responsibilities and time commitments of the position and feel comfortable with what the expectations of you will be? Yes/No
  • Your full name and AIA designation (ex. Jane Frederick, FAIA)
  • Your email address
  • Your firm name
  • What city, state (country, if applicable) is your office located in?

Firm Demographics

  • What is your position at the firm? Principal/Owner; Licensed Architect; or Other (please specify)
  • How many staff does your firm have? (estimate the Full Time Equivalents for part time and contract staff.)
  • What year was your firm founded? (use format XXXX, i.e. 1984)
  • What sectors do you work in? (select all that apply):
  • Institutional (healthcare, education, civic)
  • Office/commercial
  • Single-family residential
  • Multi-family residential
  • Other (please specify)
  • Does your firm have a niche or specialty that might help us in future resource development focus groups or media referrals?

Short Answer

1.  Why do you want to join the SFx as a State Representative?

2. SFX is all about connecting people and resources. Can you share a time when you gave or received help from a peer?

3.  How would you define the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion challenge for small firms?

4.  How would you define the Sustainability and Resilience challenge for small firms?