The American Institute of Architects Washington Council (AIA WA Council) is a member-driven professional society for architects and associate architects in the State of Washington. AIA WA Council is the state arm of the National AIA and is focused primarily on policy and advocacy.

AIA WA Council works on behalf of architects by representing the profession on a broad spectrum of issues, including but not limited to climate action, professional liability, licensing, taxes, affordable housing, and employment. Further, AIA WA Council promotes the interests of architects through the Architects Political Action Committee (APAC), which contributes to state candidates whose work aligns with our mission and goals.

Established in 1962, AIA WA Council was formed with the belief that the architecture profession required a single state advocate with a clear, consistent voice to both government and industry. In this role, AIA WA Council lobbies; maintains relations with the Governor’s office, legislators and legislative staff; builds coalitions with state agencies, organizations, consumer groups, and other public bodies; tracks legislation that impacts architects and the practice of architecture; clarifies and informs members about legislative, regulatory and policy activities; and protects the legal welfare of architects.

Today, AIA WA Council continues to serve as the architects’ voice on state government affairs in Washington. Our eight-member governing Board of Directors, who represent the members in each of Washington’s four state components and two state sections, is composed of architects from a variety of backgrounds, firm sizes, and locations, making AIA WA Council a part of a network that includes more than 3,000 architects, associate architects, and related professionals across the state.

Our Mission

AIA WA Council serves as the collective voice for and a resource on state government policies that impact the practice of architecture for all architects and the profession through AIA components in Washington State.

The primary goal of the Council is to represent the common interests of all Washington’s architects, to further public awareness of architecture, and to promote the use of architectural services.

Our Vision

All Architects in the state are engaged in advocacy on behalf of the profession and the practice of architecture and share in envisioning policy solutions to improve architectural practices, our state and communities.

AIA WA Council carries out its vision through commitment. We are dedicated to the creation of a community/practice balance through design, service and advocacy. Our members and allies commit their time and resources to integrating all our programs to create a strong society.

We foresee achieving this vision by:

  • Bringing together the components in our state in order to formulate a clear and consistent voice for our profession
  • Influencing legislation that could have an impact on the practice of architecture
  • Seeking to protect the legal welfare of architects
  • Participating with allied organizations to further our mission

Our 2020 Strategic Plan

In 2020 the Board of Directors approved a three-year Strategic Plan setting forth the following goals to support the Mission and Vision of the organization:

  1. Cultivate an impactful relationship between AIA WA Council and legislators
  2. Increase member engagement in state advocacy efforts
  3. Increase the fundraising and effectiveness of the Washington APAC
  4. Determine a sustainable budget strategy for AIA Washington Council