The core of AIA Washington Council’s advocacy work is done by our policy committees. Within the committee structure, issues are brought to the Council’s attention, debated and referred to the Board for executive action. If you’d like to be involved in advocating for the architecture profession, this is where you get started.

AIA members may join one or more committees at any time, or just ask to  be put on the email list. Some committees meet monthly and others on an as-needed basis. If you have questions about the committees or are interested in participating, please contact the committee chair or AIA Washington Council staff.

Climate Committee

The Climate Committee reviews Washington state policies aimed at reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency, particularly in the built environment. This includes work on energy codes, electrification, embodied carbon, building performance standards, related building incentives, and carbon pricing policies.

Co-Chair:  Dave Buescher AIA
Co-Chair:  Shona Bose AIA

Livability and Affordability Committee

The Livability & Affordability Committee advocates for the benefits of robust regional planning, tracking issues relating to affordable housing, planning, transportation, protection of the Growth Management Act and other related issues.

Chair: Geoff Anderson AIA

Practice Committee

The Practice Committee reviews issues impacting the practice of architecture such as contracts, project delivery, Quality Based Selection, contracts, licensing and changes to our state Practice Act. Many of the issues addressed by this committee may require administrative rather than legislative action.

Chair:  Brian Carter AIA

       Practice Committee Subcommittee: Alternative Project Delivery

The Alternative Project Delivery Subcommittee reviews all forms of project delivery, including design-bid-build and alternative project delivery. Public Private Partnerships (“P3”) and Design/Build are additional issues currently under review.

Subcommittee Chair:  Brian Carter AIA

Taxes, Education & Capital Budget Committee

The Taxes/Education/Capital Budget Committee addresses all forms of taxation, including the B&O tax on architecture services and systematic reform of the state’s taxation system. It addresses issues related to the state capital budget and issues dealing with education facilities and funding for K-12 schools and higher education.

Chair:  Steve Mallory