Welcome! AIA Washington Council’s primary mission is “to serve its members through influencing state government on issues that impact the practice of architecture.” To better represent architects and the built environment, policy is guided on two fronts:

Policy Positions
Guidelines for approaching broad topics and not specific legislation
Voted on by Board Members
Policy Committees
Looks at specific bill each via email and determines priority/support
Open to architects and their colleagues

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January 13, 2014

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Full Bill Tracking Report (PDF)
Capital Projects (PDF)
Codes & Planning (PDF)
Sustainable Design (PDF)
Taxes & Regulations (PDF)
Last Updated: February 7, 2014

Questions? Want a Bill Monitored?

If you have questions about these bills or would like to propose a bill to be added to the Councils tracking list, please contact Stan Bowman, Executive Director, at bowman@aiawa.org or 360-943-6012.

About Bill Tracking

This is a bill tracking list used by the AIA Washington Council to monitor Washington state legislation.

How is the list organized?

The Bill Tracking Summary is divided into four priority categories (High, Medium, Low and TBD) indicating how much effort the Council puts into working on the proposals. The TBD category includes bills for which further review is necessary in order for the AIA|WA to take a position.

Each bill is also given a support rating: Support, Oppose, Concerns, Neutral, or Monitor. Neutral bills are ones that the Council has an interest in its progress, but has actively decided not to support or oppose. Bills under the “monitor” position are tracked and no position has been developed by the Council. Bills with “Concerns” have provisions the AIA/WA may not be able to support. “Status” refers to a bills status in the legislative process. For more information on bills visit: www.leg.wa.gov.

When is a bill up for consideration?

Calendar Items show which bills are being actively considered by the Legislature in the upcoming week. The “TVW” designation indicates those actions that will be covered by Television Washington. Most broadcasts are available for a podcast/MP3 download. Visit www.tvw.org.

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