Welcome to the Registration page for the AIA Washington Council Spring Advocacy Conference. The Advocacy Conference is being held on June 13th at Hotel 1000, 1000 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104. The event runs from 10:00 – 5:30 with registration starting at 9:30. Space is limited. There is NO charge for this event.

  • If you have no AIA Number use 00000000
  • Policy Committee Break-out Groups

    CHOOSE YOUR PREFERRED COMMITTEES. We currently have five policy committees.  We have also provided an opportunity to create additional committees if there is enough interest. During the afternoon session we will break out into the five (or more) policy committees for in depth discussions into the advocacy issues pertinent to each specific policy committee.  Please click the "1st Priority" circle for the policy committee with which you would most like to participate. Please click the "2nd Priority" circle for the second choice. For all others please click on the "Not Preferred" circle. As we will be limiting the number of people in each group we cannot guarantee you will get your first priority selection.  First priority for each committee will be given to attendees who are currently members of that committee. 
  • The Climate Policy Committee reviews Washington state climate change-related bills, carbon pricing policies and energy efficient building incentives. This committee will be involved with our advocacy related to the Carbon Fee initiative that members of the environmental community are trying to get on the General Election ballot. Chair:  Peggy Heim AIA:  peggyh@nkarch.com
  • The Codes Committee addresses building, energy and other codes that impact architects’ work. In particular, the committee monitors the actions of the State Building Codes Council (SBBC) and advocates on behalf of the SBBC before the legislature. We are asking members of this committee to get involved in approval of amendments to the building code allowing the use of mass timber in taller buildings the AIA Washington Council will shortly submit to the SBCC. Chair:   Rosa Folla AIA:  rosa@arkedesignstudio.com
  • The Livability & Affordability Committee advocates for the benefits of robust regional planning, tracking issues relating to affordable housing, planning, transportation, protection of the Growth Management Act and other related issues. Chair: Geoff Anderson AIA: GAnderson@INNOVAArchitects.com
  • The Practice Committee reviews issues affecting the practice of architecture such as contracts, Quality Based Selection and changes to our state Practice Act. Many of the issues addressed by this committee may require administrative rather than legislative action. Members of the committee will work with the State Board of Architects to craft legislative fixes to our Practice Act to address recent NCARB and other desired changes. We believe there will be multiple bills introduced next session to encourage the construction of condominiums, so this will be another priority in 2019.

    Practice Committee Subcommittee: Alternative Project Delivery
    The Alternative Project Delivery Subcommittee reviews all forms of project delivery, including design-bid-build and alternative project delivery. We expect the reintroduction of a bill that would permit Public Private Partnerships (“P3”) in vertical construction. This will be a definite topic of discussion during this conference. Subcommittee Chair:  George Shaw FAIA:  gshaw@lmnarchitects.com
  • The Taxes/Education/Capital Budget Committee addresses all forms of taxation; funding of the capital budget; and legislative issues dealing with education facilities and funding for K-12 schools and higher education. The AIA Washington Council Board has asked this committee to draft a policy position on taxes the Board and the Government Affairs Committee can use in responding to tax legislation during legislative sessions. Chair:  Lois Wardell AIA: loisw@wardellarchitects.com
    If there is a committee you think we should create please list your ideas in the field below
  • Please describe the committees you would like to create. PLEASE NOTE: There is no guarantee we will create a new committee; however, if there are a sufficient number of people interested in the same general topic we will create a separate committee.