On December 5 AIAWA 2024 President Dave Buescher AIA presented the first SMR Architects – AIAWA Diverse Student Scholarship in Spokane at the AIA Spokane Winter Party. Two scholarships were given out: one to a student attending a community or technical college and one to a student attending a Washington university.

Trevor Waggoner, a first generation college student attending Spokane Community College, received $1000. When asked what potential impact he could make in his community as an architect, he answered, “My overall passion for architecture is functionality, creativity, and the ability to bring people closer together. This will not only improve the current environment, but it will allow for future generations to enjoy this type of lifestyle as well.”

Matthew Jordan, a first year student at Washington State University, received $2000. When asked about his potential impact Matthew responded, “One of my biggest goals in my career has been and will continue to be to improve the experience of family in not just the home, but public spaces as well, furthermore in countries that need it most urgently.”

Thank you SMR Architects and the AIA Component Matching Grant program for making these awards possible. In 2024 AIAWA will seek additional investors to increase the number of scholarships we are able to award. If you or your firm is interested in investing in this program, please contact Tammie Sueirro.