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Rep. Frank Chopp receives William F. Polk FAIA Award

Rep. Frank Chopp receives William F. Polk FAIA Award

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February 6, 2014 – Washington State Speaker of the House, Rep. Frank Chopp (D, WA #43) received the William F. Polk, FAIA Award from AIA Washington Council’s President Mike Slater, AIA (McGranahan Architects). Graciously holding the award, Rep. Chopp recalled just how important its namesake, William F. Polk, FAIA, was in establishing Washington’s outstanding tradition of public works: “I’m honored to receive an award in Bill’s name. He understood how design transforms communities–how architecture makes communities not only beautiful but worth living in.” He went on to field questions from architects and engineers in attendance regarding the state of Capital Budget, Transportation talks, and addressing/prioritizing projects in a time of austere finances.

[Bill] understood how design transforms our communities; how architecture makes neighborhoods not only beautiful but worth living in.Rep. Frank Chopp (D, WA #43)

About William F. Polk

William F. Polk, FAIA left a lasting legacy in Washington State from over twelve years in the state legislature and over thirty years as an architect. Serving as Speaker of the House, he fought for Quality-Based Selection to ensure public works were designed competently first and foremost, licensing law reforms, and more. In the AIA, his leadership helped shape renewed interest in architects serving publicly and getting involved locally on issues surrounding the built environment and the health, safety, and welfare of our communities.

Rep. Frank Chopp receives William F. Polk FAIA Award from AIA/WA President Mike Slater, AIA

Rep. Frank Chopp (D, WA #43) receives William F. Polk FAIA Award from AIA/WA President Mike Slater, AIA (McGranahan Architects)

2014 Civic Design Awards

Entry Opens for 2014 Civic Design Awards

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Awards season is here. The AIA/WA Civic Design Awards is open for entry. The Intent to Enter Deadline is January 31, 2014.

About the Civic Design Awards

The Civic Design Awards celebrates the best architectural designs in full or partially public-funded projects. These projects represent the finest standards in sustainability, innovation, building performance, and overall integration with the client and surrounding community.

How to Enter

Submit an Intent to Enter


  • Built submissions must have been completed after January 1st, 2009, using public funds for design and/or construction, and must be designed by members of chapters within the AIA Washington Council.
  • Unbuilt projects must be an actual commission for a client who intends to undertake the project. Personal studies, theoretical projects, and competitions that do not meet he eligibility requirements should not be
  • The size and location of a project will in no way limit its eligibility. Members may separately submit as many projects for consideration as they wish.
  • For projects in which an AIA member has joint ventured or associated with a design consultant, the member must be the Architect-of-Record. Where responsibility for a project is shared, all participants who substantially contributed to the work must be appropriately credited.
  • Projects must be submitted in the name of the firm that executed the commission. If that firm has dissolved or its name has been changed, an individual or successor firm may enter projects in the name of the firm in effect at the time the was executed.
  • Projects that have won AIA/WA Civic Design awards previously are not eligible. All other projects may be resubmitted if they fall within the eligibility timeline.

After completing an intent to enter form, you’ll be given instructions to upload your project.

We’ve also created Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Word template to help firms jumpstart their entry, as well as best practices that have helped prior recipients tie the various aspects of design together for the jury.

Competition Rules and Guidelines

Main 2014 Awards Page Download Entry Requirements (PDF)
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