WEBINAR: Clean Buildings Act Overview for Architects

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Join us for this AIA|WA webinar to review Washington’s new energy performance standard for large commercial buildings.

Friday, December 11 – Noon-1:00 pm

This webinar is designed to help architects understand the new Clean Buildings standards (voluntary until 2026) and to start thinking through the types of conversations they will need to have with commercial clients about it.

The state Department of Commerce, which runs the program, will provide an overview, followed by Q&A.

About the Commercial Energy Performance Standard

  • The standard will apply to large, non-residential buildings greater than 50,000 square feet in floor area.
  • Large multi-family residential buildings will be eligible for the incentive program, but are not covered by the mandatory requirements.
  • From 2021 to 2026, the standard will be used to administer a voluntary efficiency incentive program. Beginning in 2026, the standard will be implemented as a mandatory requirement.
  • All buildings will need to develop energy management plans, including creating energy benchmarking reports.
  • The mandatory standard will require building owners to demonstrate that their buildings consume less energy than a specified energy use intensity target or be in the process of reducing the building’s energy use intensity.
  • The incentive program will provide early adopters financial support when they demonstrate they have moved a non-compliant building into compliance with the standard.

One learning unit will be provided for attending this webinar.

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