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November 10, 2016

The Agenda below has been revised. Please download PDF above


8:30 – 9:30 Pick up name tag, agenda, program handouts, and a list of all
participants with contact information


9:30–10:00 Introductions all around

  • Review of the day – schedule and logistics

Why Should Architects Engage in the Political Process?

10:00-10:30 Guest Speaker

  • What it’s like to be a legislator in the Washington State Legislature
  • Why it’s critical that Architects meet with and reach out to legislators
    • They are a validator
    • It’s hard to know the details of every issue, legislators need friends
      on the outside to help the…

What are the Legislative Issues Effecting the Profession, Now and in the Future?

10:30 to 12:30

  • Lobbyist and Executive Director present legislative issues expected for the 2 2016 AIA Washington Council Advocacy Summit upcoming legislative session
    • Describe the issue, its history, potential outcomes and what it means to the profession
  • Future Issues – Small Group Discussion:
    • Break up into small groups (6 or 7) to discuss issues that may or could be seen in the legislature
      • Task: Each group will develop a set of questions to guide and lead the discussion toward legislative issues.
        • Example: “What are the most pressing challenges facing the practice of Architecture in Washington?” (big firm, small firm) Can this issue be addressed through the legislative process? Describe. How pressing is this issue?
        • Each group will transcribe their questions and answers.
      • A spokesman for each group will report back to the full group.
  • Each group will share their findings to the large group.

* This information will be captured and used to inform a longer-term legislative agenda.

Getting Involved in the Legislative Process?

12:30-1:30 Lunch / Speaker: “Elements of a Strong Legislative Plan” – Cindy Schwartz, Senior Director of Advocacy of the AIA.

  1. Review Handout (the 5 Elements of a Campaign) – and explain what it is
  2. Why engaging in the legislative process is important
  3. Why AIA member engagement is important
  4. Effective campaigns – the 5 Elements and how they work together
  5. Explain the upcoming small group exercise (targeting)

How Can YOU Affect the Legislative Process?

1:30-2:30 This group breakout will directly follow the lunch presentation – Cindy Schwartz will explain the exercise in the lunch presentation. Each attendee has been pre-assigned a group: Group A or B. Please check your nametag for your group.

  • Targeting: Using provided information for 2 of the legislative issues expected for the upcoming legislative session, each group will discuss the following.
    • Legislators and Allies:
      • Are any of the influencers (legislators or other groups or individuals) from your area of the state? List them.
      • Do you or your chapter members have relationships with any of the influencers?
      • Describe the relationships and how you might engage with them.
    • Can PAC funds be used to influence any of the legislators?
      • Do you have the ability to deliver PAC funds to the legislators?
      • Do you know other members who would support the PAC or legislators?
  • Report back findings to full group

* This information will be captured and used in the upcoming legislative session as well as used to inform a longer-term legislative agenda.


2:30 – 2:45

Speaking Out for the Profession

2:45 – 3:45 Effective Communication, Getting Your Point Across – Caitlin Reagan, Manager, Public Affairs of the AIA.

  • This workshop includes:
    • How to craft messages that win
    • How to build a message for a specific issue
    • Communication tools and how to use them
  • Explain role playing exercise

3:45-4:15 Small group, role playing – Giving the Elevator Speech” – Getting Your Point Across Quickly

4:15-4:45 AIA WA President – Next steps for AIA WA Advocacy

  • Plans for the legislative session (opening day, lobby day, etc)
  • Ways for them to get involved (action alerts, lobby day, meetings with their legislators, PAC fundraising and events…etc) This will be followed up with a sign-up sheet for volunteers and things in which you wish to participate.

4:45-5:00 Awards

  1. Jenny Sue Brown
  2. Honorary Members