2018 Residential Energy Code Amendments Proposed

The Washington State Building Code Council is currently undergoing a review process for proposed amendments to the state’s 2018 residential energy code. Twenty-four proposals have been accepted by both the Council’s Energy Code Technical Advisory Group and the full Council to be moved forward to public comment.

The proposed residential energy code amendments are open for public comment through Sept. 27, 2019. The SBCC will also take public comments in person at hearings in Spokane (Sept. 13) and Olympia (Sept. 27). The anticipated effective date for the 2018 codes is July 1, 2020.

Commenting on the proposals
AIA Washington Council will submit comments on the proposed amendments provided that enough consensus exists among members. While members are encouraged to offer comments directly to the SBCC, we welcome your feedback on any of the proposals and will incorporate it into our comment considerations. You are welcome to offer comments on as few or as many of the proposals as you wish.  If you need additional information, please let Kirsten know.

More info, and information about each proposal, is available here.

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